Basic and Dynamic Drives!

For sometime now my Desktop is non functional. It’s, somehow, dead! It doesn’t boot and nothing is working .. maybe because its 7 years old?! .. Maybe!

Anyway, I have an IDE Hard drive that i wanted to fetch some data from. A friend of mine got a cable that converts a hard drive to a usb external one so i can connect it to my laptop and get what i want.

The cable

The cable

I got the cable .. followed the instructions .. connected everything .. my laptop showed the famous “installing new driver” .. and BAAM!! Nothing Happens!

The hard drive was not available through “My Computer”. Why?! Thats what i knew when i opened the disk management panel and my hard drive was there with an invalid “stamp” and the reason is, It’s a dynamic hard drive. WT .. are dynamic drives? I dunno. I googled dynaic drives. Knew there are dynamic and basic drives bla bla bla the only interesting thing was that I had to format my drive in order to make it a basic drive or in other words, so that my laptop can read it. No way! Thats not happening.

Again, Google! I went through a very useful article that saved my life .. here it is :

How to non-destructively convert dynamic disks to basic disks

The article explained how to get my data and back it up before going through the format process using a “DOS” application called TestDisk. Hope you find it useful. Thanks a lot for the author.

Before I forget, The name of the cable : USB 2.0 TO IDE CABLE .. its price is 40 L.E. as well as i remember. It comes with the instructions and a CD for the driver if you need it.

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