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6 years ago i bought my first domain name and my first hosting package. Thats when i got my first internet card (used to buy stuff online). Since then, This kind of cards is considered essential. I used to get the one published by Banque Misr, however, It’s not that good.

Some banks do offer this kind of cards like NSGB and the National bank .. However, The one caught my attention lately was the ISIC card, mainly because its something that is available at the university’s CIB branch and I go there everyday. I started looking and searching for the ISIC benefits and it got everything that I need .. You can shop online, accepted by ATMs, give you some valuable discounts at various places and the very good thing is, free microsoft applications. When i read the Microsoft thing I didn’t believe it till I read the article at the microsoft website :

The ISIC card does allow you to download the following microsoft applications for free and instantly once you verify your isic card :

– Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Edition 2005, 2008!
– Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Developer Edition
– XNA Game Studio 3.0
– Microsoft Expression Studio 2.0

and much more .. !

These applications are, supposedly, free for any student (and the GUC is available there) but when I got to verifying me uni. email address, it wasn’t accepted. With ISIC, It was verified and i started downloading :)

The website is :

I do recommend having an ISIC card, for more information :

To get your card from the CIB in the GUC, requirements are : Your national id, Your GUC id, a photo and 100 L.E. (you can spend 29 of them when you get your card). It takes 2 weeks to get your card and you will need to activate it by calling 19666.

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