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I’ve always wanted to become someone who “teaches”. I wrote a lot of online tutorials in “arabic” few years ago. Some of them, surprisingly, are now all over the internet. But, however, those tutorials were useless for me. I didn’t get anything useful like experience for example or something that would be written down in my CV. Now, I am having the best experience in my life as a Junior Teacher Assistant in the German University in Cairo.

The J-TAP is the process of allowing undergraduate students, a.k.a junior TAs, to assist in the lab sessions of the different courses offered by the Faculty of Media Engineering & Technology. The program aims at helping the real senior TAs with their job.

We, Junior TAs, attend the labs with the Senior TAs and answer the students’ questions, revise and check their code, solve their problems and sometimes explain the concept or the question itself. I applied twice in my 3rd and 4th semesters at the GUC to become a JTA but my application was rejected. This semester I was approved and passed the interview and I am teaching 2 courses, Introduction to Computer Science and Data Structures and Algorithms.

What is really nice is that i deal with new people (nearly my age) and share my knowledge with them without pressure. That did boost my self-confidence which I had problems with in the last couple of months.

I also have a profile at the faculty website : http://met.guc.edu.eg/People/Profile.aspx?facId=2947

It’s a great experience and it helps me “revive” my information regarding the two courses specially Data Structures and Algorithms. It will also be written down in my CV which is the main reason i applied in the first place!

Thats it! I am currently obsessed with the JTAP and I thought something should be written here and here it is! 😀

Everything is fine .. Peace!

4 thoughts on “Junior Teacher Assistant

  1. ana kont shayef enak obsessed beh bas makontesh mota7`ayel en kan awi keda =D

    the one really good thing about being a jta to be honest is that you’re in the spot every tutor would rather be.. if you don’t know something you can simply say you don’t know and/or ask the SENIOR ta, or maybe answer later.. and if you do know something you’re considered good! it’s always a win win situation =D

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