Messenger Word Censor

I chat A LOT! I am always online and most probably will reply in like 10 seconds to your instant message =D Being online means having the common problem, SOS (Someone over shoulder).

As most of the people, I send some stuff that should not be known by a friend for example. So, while chatting and having a friend staring at the conversation, I sometimes look with a silly smile to them so that they ask “innocently” .. “What?!” .. MASR (Egypt)!!

With these situations happening a lot, I developed a messenger plus script that censors some specific words that I use a lot or I prefer when I write them that they should be “hidden” from the SOS.

I have to say that I didn’t like the JS documentation a lot (it’s different from what I am used to .. I won’t say difficult). Anyway, I developed the script for my personal use. Recently, I started to think why not publishing it?! and here we go .. The script is available for download and with more information @ this page. Enjoy!

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