One Successful year

Sunrise ..

The past academic year, 2009 – 2010, is my best academic year ever. Not only that I’ve got the best grades but, for the very first time, I had so much fun at the place that I used to hate.

Well, that’s not because the system or the college itself became better, 7asha wa kalla, it’s because I spent so much time there. Starting by the evaluations, passing by the software engineering course meetings and development and finally the internship in addition to, of course, the regular lectures and tutorials. Anyway, I have spent nice time with my friends and colleagues. I finally knew and became friends with a lot of people, some I have to admit were not even candidates πŸ˜› but they turned out to be ‘ged3an tayebeen’. I was finally accepted as a junior teacher assistant, whether that because I was good or not, I was happy!

Apart from college, I’ve been self-learning stuff (not necessarily technical). I read a lot of books, usually Arabic novels, But I enjoyed and have learned a lot from them. I’ve lost 37 Kilograms in about a year (I don’t rush). I kept contact with people that I care about (which is somethingΒ  I rarely do).

My self confidence, I dare to say, has increased a little bit. Yet, The part of acting normal in a large group is, still, a nightmare.

That’s why I consider that last year a successful one. Why? Because most of the above were my goals (ok not all of my goals but say 70%) for the new – past – year. I usually set goals and forget about them the following day (or minute) but finally, I’ve improved.

That’s it!

6 thoughts on “One Successful year

  1. You stole my blog post :X
    I swear I had that post with the exact title in my drafts lol !! , did u hack into my website or sth? nvm…

    Glad that it was a successful year for you too. I’m really happy for you =D !
    Wishin u more success, Accomplishments and happiness through the next semesters and through ur life isA =)

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