Releasing G Projects – WordPress Plugin

G-Projects is a wordpress plugin tested successfully on a WordPress 3.0. It simply lists projects that you’ve worked on for the guests, Allows them to rate and view a screen shot of the project.

Version 0.1 is the very first release of G-Projects. It was tested successfully, still, some bugs might appear.

For more information please click here or checkout the wordpress plugin’s page.

3 thoughts on “Releasing G Projects – WordPress Plugin

  1. Good day,

    I just want to ask how to filter the g-project per category.

    Here is the scenario: I have create “other links” category, and in the other link page I just want to display projects belongs to “other links” category. I can’t see it in the documentation.

  2. When you create a category a link should appear on the page where u put the [g-projects] code which filters the list of links or projects when u click on it.

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