Zakerny Bellah

@Zakerny_Bellah is a twitter bot that tweets an “Islamic prayer” every one hour. It’s developed by my friends and I. It’s done using a PHP Twitter API wrapper and Cron Jobs.  It’s inspired by an iPhone application – was intrduced to it by a friend – that has the same name and all the other bots out there that does the same thing. It’s implemented because when I came to think: How did I use my knowledge to do something useful for the community? – the answer was, unfortunately, none.

Salma Hamed
Dina Helal
Mohamed Ibrahim
Ahmed Mostafa

One thought on “Zakerny Bellah

  1. Mohamed Farah Ibrahim

    Thank for this great job and as you know always great concepts and nice ideas come from youth and youngers like you
    You youngers who will put all community in the right way

    Don’t any obstacle stand on Your way

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