Using Voxeo Prophecy with X-Lite 4 on Mac (SL)

[GUC Specific]

In the Advanced Computer Lab project this year, we’re supposed to write a VXML application of our choice and deploy it on Voxeo prophecy. For some of us, the SIP phone that comes bundled with the server did not work. It always gave a call failed error.

I googled the error and after some investigation I found a solution here

I decided to dedicate a blog post to this one coz I need to write something in here :)

Let’s start. 

  1. Download and install the voxeo prophecy server.
  2. For me, after the first installation, I kept clicking on start all services and nothing worked. So I had to reinstall it to a different location and it worked.
  3. After installing the prophecy server, click on its icon > Start > All.
  4. When that’s done, try starting the SIP Phone. Type sip:callxml@ and click Call. If it worked, stop here. Else, continue.
  5. Download X-Lite.
  6. Install it.
  7. Open it and click on account settings.
  8.  Click the + icon in the bottom left of the window and click the New SIP account
  9. Enter any USER ID, let’s say xyz. For the domain, enter Make sure you uncheck the Register with domain and receive calls checkbox.
  10. Click ok. If everything went as intended, you would see something like this
  11. Now close the window and return to the application. Type sip:callxml@ and click call. It should work.

  12. If you open the default voxeo SIP phone by clicking on the icon > SIP Phone, typing vxml@ and clicking call should work as well. Why? no idea.

These were the exact steps that got the default SIP phone working with me.

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