[PHP] Validation

Validation is headache. Fortunately, this function makes it better. Sample usage is as follows:

function fields_validation($field){
	$validation_rules = array();
		$slug = $field->slug;
	} else {
		$slug = sanitize_title($field->label);
	$label = $field->label;
	if(intval($field->minLength) != '0'){
		$minLength = intval($field->minLength);
		$validation_rules[] = "length>=$minLength,$slug,$label must be at least $minLength characters long.";
	if(intval($field->maxLength) != '0'){
		$maxLength = intval($field->maxLength);
		$validation_rules[] = "length<=$maxLength,$slug,$label must be $maxLength characters long maximum.";
		$validation_rules[] = "valid_email,$slug,Please enter a valid email address.";
	return $validation_rules;

and then call the function itself

$validation_rules = fields_validation($field);
$errors = validateFields($_POST, $validation_rules);

$errors will be an array. A simple !empty($errors) will check for errors.

The conditions represents the rule that must be true in order not to produce an error. For example, length <= $maxLength means that the length must be less than max length to pass the check. $slug is the name of the form’s field.

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