First year at college and they ask for our emails if we’re interested to join the University’s ACM team. I sent the email and never got a response. I hated the ACM idea since then.

3 years later, I discover that the message resides in my drafts. I never sent it.


If you use Gmail, then you probably know that the dots in the usernames are ignored. Galal.Aly or GalalAly, it’s the same inbox for Gmail. It’s not for Gtalk. I learned that the hard way. I was removing duplicates from my contacts and removed the email with the dot from Gtalk, assuming that the same one with no dots will compensate for it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I blocked someone, accidentally!

That got me thinking, what other undiscovered stuff are still there? hidden stuff that caused hatred/sadness, misunderstandings?

MagCloud Widget WordPress plugin

HP MagCloud is a web service that empowers users to self-publish and distribute content—for business or personal use—as a professional-quality print publication or digitally for mobile and online viewing on today’s most popular devices. http://www.magcloud.com/learn

After uploading your PDF, one way of advertising your published magazine is to copy and paste some HTML code to your website. However, the HTML is not always matching the design of the blog. This widget will allow people to paste MagCloud HTML code, write their own template, and with the help of some short codes they get the output that match their themes.

I did it for a client but found it might be useful for somebody out there and here you go.