So I went to an incubator ..

Kindly check the Flat6Labs reply at the bottom of the pageAlso make sure to read the proposed business plan/model and the one being executed now.

Flat6Labs is a successful and reputable incubator located in Egypt. They’ve already done great work and helped many people with potential and great skills creating and managing their own companies and leading them to success.

I, like many others, had an entrepreneur idea. I was encouraged to apply to Flat6Labs through a friend (who he himself is incubated by Flat6Labs). The application email can be seen below.

Briefly, my application was about a service which allows people to help each other get items from other countries instead of using an expensive shipment service.

However, I did not have a team ready back then. I went in for a quick chat and we settled that whenever I am ready I can apply again, even though they “did not like the idea that much,” and found plenty of flaws in the model of my proposal. To be honest, it was a constructive feedback.  I was told whenever I get any other ideas, I should not hesitate to contact them about it. Generous, nice, and marvelous supporting people and environment that I wish I could have joined.

Around the 10th of May 2013, Flat6Labs announced the list of companies they incubated, one of which is named Zaagel, founded by a person who cooperated with Flat6Labs before. Zaagel has pretty much the same features that I included in my application (shown below).

While I really hope that this coincidence is just an instance of “great minds think alike”, but It’s probably not. The timing is just too wrong. The Zaagel domain name was not purchased until 2 months after my application. Zaagel did not exist before I applied at fla6labs. (Whois lookup)

If they already had this idea when I went to them, then a “idea already in progress” response was better than a “not too good idea” or “come back with a team”. What I find ridiculous is few months later, they themselves incubate this same idea, with a different person!

Best of luck to Zaagel and to people at Flat6Labs.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 2.09.28 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 1.51.07 PM

Galal Aly Mail - Thanks for Applying To Flat6Labs

4 thoughts on “So I went to an incubator ..

  1. El7mduAllah everything happens for a reason …. maybe you were not meant for them or they were not meant for you, maybe the timing was not on your side … long story short, never give up on your ideas, unleash the entrepreneur in you whenever you can 😀

    Now I am wondering … who did I tell about my ideas

  2. Flat6Labs receives hundreds of applications every cycle. The idea of a delivery crowdsourcing platform is neither new nor original. Twenty months ago, the same idea was pitched in Startup Weekend Alexandria by a team called “7ad Nazel Min Bara” We have also had a few additional applicants submit similar ideas, all of which were rejected. Your application was not the first with this idea and will probably not be the last.

    Flat6Labs holds two main criteria when accepting an applicant. 1) the team, and 2) the idea. We consider the team to be a much more important criteria than the actual idea – execution is everything. The reason you were not accepted into the cycle – as we clearly stated and you clearly documented in your blog- was that you were working alone and we believed that you lacked a certain level of business acumen. In addition we communicated to several flaws in your business model as part of the Assignment Phase which we believed would undermine the business and you chose not to alter the business model.

    We take great pride and care that all our applications are assessed and selected by an un-biased panel where the applicants names and application info remain confidential and undisclosed to any external party, even after the selection process concludes.

    As such, we assert that your accusation is unfounded.

    Flat6Labs Team

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