Masters degree

Pursuing a Masters degree has been part of my plan. The dilemma was: When?

A year ago I had my life planned differently. Settle down, have a job, get married, build something smart and then maybe take the next academic step, in Egypt.

Now, it seems that is not an option any more. I have a job, I am happy with what I do but I really want to move forward with my life. I checked, and it seems that my Plan A will not work – and I finally decided to believe that it won’t work. Therefore, Plan B is up.

Plan B was to work, know what the market wants, and pursue either MBA or M.Sc. in Software Engineering. Deep inside I believe I would make a good manager. However, I want to be a better Software Engineer based on strong academic background and rich working experience. The working experience is good when I decide to work besides my studies. Therefore, deciding to work first is, for me, a win-win situation.

I will be starting my masters applications this year – Maybe start next April if I got accepted somewhere abroad. Wish me luck.