My name is Galal Aly.I studied Computer Science and Engineering at the German University in Cairo. I was always curious about how things work in Computers when I was young and that resulted in getting me to enter the major. I am a senior web developer at robusta.

I like to read, know about, and learn new technologies, approaches and algorithms, and programming languages in the computer field (specially for the Web). I usually code using PHP, Python, and Java (with the javascript, HTML, CSS package) – but I am also using Ruby in a couple of projects now.

Here are a couple of frameworks I deal with

  • Play! Framework
  • Django
  • Ruby On Rails
  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Although not ‘literally’ a framework – WordPress (oh and WooCommerce for ecommerce stuff). 
  • jQuery
  • Tried it for some time, yet nothing big – NodeJS

Let’s move to personal stuff ..

I am not that social, I spend sometime before being friendly to someone. However, I did work into teams and as a team leader in a couple of projects and I didn’t have any problems with that.

I am a Zamalek Fan. I play football and table-tennis. My favorite type of Computer games is football but I like first person shooter games as well.

To sum up ..

In short, I am a determinant passionate person who will make the next big thing in the CS field – hopefully soon, if ever.

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