Masters degree

Pursuing a Masters degree has been part of my plan. The dilemma was: When?

A year ago I had my life planned differently. Settle down, have a job, get married, build something smart and then maybe take the next academic step, in Egypt.

Now, it seems that is not an option any more. I have a job, I am happy with what I do but I really want to move forward with my life. I checked, and it seems that my Plan A will not work – and I finally decided to believe that it won’t work. Therefore, Plan B is up.

Plan B was to work, know what the market wants, and pursue either MBA or M.Sc. in Software Engineering. Deep inside I believe I would make a good manager. However, I want to be a better Software Engineer based on strong academic background and rich working experience. The working experience is good when I decide to work besides my studies. Therefore, deciding to work first is, for me, a win-win situation.

I will be starting my masters applications this year – Maybe start next April if I got accepted somewhere abroad. Wish me luck.


So I went to an incubator ..

Kindly check the Flat6Labs reply at the bottom of the pageAlso make sure to read the proposed business plan/model and the one being executed now.

Flat6Labs is a successful and reputable incubator located in Egypt. They’ve already done great work and helped many people with potential and great skills creating and managing their own companies and leading them to success.

I, like many others, had an entrepreneur idea. I was encouraged to apply to Flat6Labs through a friend (who he himself is incubated by Flat6Labs). The application email can be seen below.

Briefly, my application was about a service which allows people to help each other get items from other countries instead of using an expensive shipment service.

However, I did not have a team ready back then. I went in for a quick chat and we settled that whenever I am ready I can apply again, even though they “did not like the idea that much,” and found plenty of flaws in the model of my proposal. To be honest, it was a constructive feedback.  I was told whenever I get any other ideas, I should not hesitate to contact them about it. Generous, nice, and marvelous supporting people and environment that I wish I could have joined.

Around the 10th of May 2013, Flat6Labs announced the list of companies they incubated, one of which is named Zaagel, founded by a person who cooperated with Flat6Labs before. Zaagel has pretty much the same features that I included in my application (shown below).

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First year at college and they ask for our emails if we’re interested to join the University’s ACM team. I sent the email and never got a response. I hated the ACM idea since then.

3 years later, I discover that the message resides in my drafts. I never sent it.


If you use Gmail, then you probably know that the dots in the usernames are ignored. Galal.Aly or GalalAly, it’s the same inbox for Gmail. It’s not for Gtalk. I learned that the hard way. I was removing duplicates from my contacts and removed the email with the dot from Gtalk, assuming that the same one with no dots will compensate for it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I blocked someone, accidentally!

That got me thinking, what other undiscovered stuff are still there? hidden stuff that caused hatred/sadness, misunderstandings?


الحمد لله استلمت شهادة الاعفاء النهائي من الجيش النهاردة ودى الاوراق المطلوبة فى الحالة التالية فقط: وحيد والديه والاب متجاوز ال60

ستحتاج الى

1. صورتين من البطاقة
2. صورتين من بطاقة الوالد
3. قيد عائلي مميكن (كمبيوتر) وده بيطلع من القسم اللى انت تابع ليه وميعديش على تاريخ صدوره 3 شهور
4. بطاقة ال6 جند او لو ضاعت ال7 جند اللى هى البدل فاقد
5. شهادة زواج والديك كمبيوتر – ساعات بيبصوا عليها فخدها معاك احتياطى

تحط الكلام ده فى فايل او دوسيه زى ده

وتاخد معاك قلم جاف ازرق وتروح بدري .. النظام فى الرماية كالتالي
1. الباب بيفتح سابعة صباحا فالاحسن تروح من 6 او 6.30 عشان الطابور بيبقى زحمة عالباب
2. اول مالباب يفتح تدخل على المجمع على طول (اول شمال زي مالعسكرى هيقول) تاخد رقم وده اهم حاجة
3. تروح على النماذج (قدام المجمع الناحية التانية) تجيب كشف عيلة
4. ترجع المجمع تانى  وتملى الورقة الصفراء من القيد العائلي .. كشف العيلة بحوالى 20 جنيه
5. لما الشباك يفتح هتلاقيهم بياخدوا مجموعة دوسيهات مع بعض يخلصوهم .. مثلا ياخدوا 10 دوسيهات يخلصوهم ياخدوا ال10 اللى بعدهم وهكذا عشان كده ضروري تروح تاخد رقم بدرى

استلام الاعفاء خلال 3 ايام عمل عادة بس ساعات بتطلع اسرع من كده والاحسن انك تروح بعد ميعادك بيوم عشان تستلم اول متروح ومتقعدش ملطوع ساعة

The big escape

So I’ve been depressed since last May – Not “literally” depressed (with suicide and all), but never been that sad in my life. Anyway, one of the main properties/features in my personality is that, I relate. I relate everything to everything. Let’s say If I went to a place and bought something that turned out to NOT be as expected, that item is related to the place – both marked as not good enough.

Nowadays, the reason for my sadness is kind of related to the last 3 years. Every single place I’ve been to, friends I met, and even my one time abroad trip – I can relate everything. That lead to, what I call, the big escape. I am avoiding all places that I used to hangout at, got involved in a couple of new activities (I go to the gym now – not regularly but I started), got a job after graduation, planning to not going to my graduation ceremony, thinking about leaving the country and having my masters degree abroad for a couple of years, and others.

Although that is not a solution and is not what a strong person would do, but that turned out to be a very good solution – yet, it takes a lot of time and a lot of, how to say it in a non-ceec way, pain(?). My main problem now is that, people got involved. I am not only avoiding places, I started to avoid people. Just because some of them may (and may not) remind me – just by looking in their face – with some moments. I am avoiding gatherings and a lot of  group hangouts just because they’re at places that I won’t go to, for now. That, unfortunately, led to disappointments and ignorance from my friends and colleagues side. That is exactly what used to happen about 8 years ago – but harder.

The good part is that – I will turn out a better person out of all this isA. Never been that close to Allah as I am now, and I won’t go back to any previous state isA. Ya Rab.

My Desktop

I spent an hour yesterday trying to improve the looks of my desktop. I updated my graphics driver and checked a couple of themes till I decided to install AirLines. It’s a very nice theme and the website has some other themes that are as great as this one from my own point of view.Here is a screenshot!

Social Life Complexity (Making Friends)

I’ve been introduced to the common social life, the one that is NOT online, several years ago. The most interesting part for me is that it involved interacting and dealing with people face to face which, for me, was something that I couldn’t really believe is important. However, it also involved a lot of other “factors” or “cases” that should be handled or taken care of before getting into a conversation with another person.

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