Software Engineering! – My Experience


The 6th semester is one of the worst semesters I’ve spent in college so far. We had a lot of projects, assignments, quizzes and reports to be submitted weekly and with no collaboration between the professors, Most of the projects and assignments had the same exact deadline .. It’s amazing how the professors, accidentally, set the same deadline for everything. It’s a kind of art really. Knowing the fact that I easily break under pressure, I was living in a disastrous state of mind all the time. Still, One good thing happened.

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Junior Teacher Assistant



I’ve always wanted to become someone who “teaches”. I wrote a lot of online tutorials in “arabic” few years ago. Some of them, surprisingly, are now all over the internet. But, however, those tutorials were useless for me. I didn’t get anything useful like experience for example or something that would be written down in my CV. Now, I am having the best experience in my life as a Junior Teacher Assistant in the German University in Cairo.

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New Desktop .. Finally!

Finally I’ve bought my new Desktop .. Mainly bought for gaming and the graphix stuff that we should be studying in the next few semesters ..

Here are the specs :

Processor i7-920 Intel
ATI 4890 1 GB ddr5
500 GB Disc

I installed Windows 7 and it’s wonderful actually you should try it

What is going on right now!

So it’s nearly the end of the summer vacation and i think this time it was not wasted ..I participated in a lot of stuff and i think that i can control what i am thinking of .. and what makes me down is to be forgotten forever isA.

So What am i doing?

– I joined the team as a language administrator (I translate stuff from English to Arabic).
– I am creating my own business along with my one of my best friends.
– I was appointed as manager @ .. I am not contributing that much but i hope i will have a bigger role soon.
– I am learning the famous “jQuery” library and i hope i will learn enough to do what i want.

I hope one day i will focus on something and finish it to the end!

ISIC card

6 years ago i bought my first domain name and my first hosting package. Thats when i got my first internet card (used to buy stuff online). Since then, This kind of cards is considered essential. I used to get the one published by Banque Misr, however, It’s not that good. Continue reading


Since we started the game course at college, It was always, well, a dream for us to create something that is popular and that we actually like, in particular, Tarneeb. For me, I always thought it was something that will never happen because every year we do plan for the summer then BAAM, nothing happens! However, without going into details, this year Salem did start creating the engine, passed it to me, worked with him on creating the GUI with Salem doing the greater part actually and here is the result :

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