NEW! features in Sorting WooCommerce Pro plugin

Today I’ve released a new version of the Sorting WooCommerce Pro Plugin. The plugin introduces two additional features proposed and suggested by customers.

Per Category Sorting!

The plugin up to v1.3.2 provided the option to create custom sorting options using custom attributes or default ones. However, the sorting options were general to the entire shop! The plugin now provides the option to specify that a sorting option appears only in a certain category. For as, Tea is different than Coffee. Both have different attributes that would be meaningless in the other’s context.

Sorting Icon Shortcode

Place the shortcode anywhere and get the sorting icon that changes the sorting of the items from ASC to DESC and vice versa for the same attribute! Check these awesome features and more in the plugin’s page.

Using Facebook PHP SDK 3 with CodeIgniter 2.1

To access the Facebook API, there exists the Facebook PHP SDK to simplify the process. I needed Facebook OAuth in one of my projects using CodeIgniter but had some hard time trying to get it done. I faced a lot of errors, the main one though was that: getUser always returns 0. I found out that this is pretty much popular on stackoverflow and other websites – each proposing different solution. In this post, I try to organize all the steps and collect them in one place. References and downloads are provided at the end of the post. Continue reading

Zakerny Bellah

@Zakerny_Bellah is a twitter bot that tweets an “Islamic prayer” every one hour. It’s developed by my friends and I. It’s done using a PHP Twitter API wrapper and Cron Jobs.  It’s inspired by an iPhone application – was intrduced to it by a friend – that has the same name and all the other bots out there that does the same thing. It’s implemented because when I came to think: How did I use my knowledge to do something useful for the community? – the answer was, unfortunately, none.

Salma Hamed
Dina Helal
Mohamed Ibrahim
Ahmed Mostafa

Use Python to parse Microsoft Word documents using PyWin32 Library

Python is like a disease. Once you start coding, your skills with other languages’ syntax will be heavily affected. Anyways, that’s not the topic.

Last year, I had to grade about 50 word documents by following a grading scheme. I spent an approximate of 3 hours grading the documents and was pretty much frustrated. A couple of days ago while learning python, I decided to learn it while developing an application and the first thing that popped out to my mind is to automate the grading process. So, after following Hadeer’s tutorial on how to install python on windows I started to develop the application.
Continue reading

[jQuery plugin] G-Filter

I’ve never been good at Javascript. However, in the last couple of projects I had to write a Javascript (with jQuery of course) function that filters a given list based on the user’s input with minor changes. Although it’s simple for most of the developers out there but it’s boring and there is no point in writing it over and over again – even copy and paste is not sufficient. Therefore, I decided to learn something new and benefit from it. That is, I converted my function to a general jQuery plugin – called ‘G-Filter’ – that would save me some time in the future. I am not planning on updating or enhancing it still ideas might come up later on that would be added.

Here is a link if you want to check it out: