G-Projects is a wordpress plugin tested on wordpress 3.0.1 that creates a simple portfolio for developers/designers.

[v0.1 now available – click here]


  • Add/Edit/Delete/Order Projects
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Order Categories
  • Edit Project Template
  • Edit Category Listing Template
  • Client Side Pagination
  • Filtering
  • Rating
  • Number of clicks per project
  • Simple statistics

Features explained : Click here

Download : Click here

How to install : Click here

Template tags with examples : Click here

Example of usage : Hadeer’s Portfolio

Plugin’s page on google code

8 thoughts on “G-Projects

  1. Hi Galal,

    This looks like a nice plugin. I’m just playing with it now. Is it possible to add a testimonial field to it? I would like to display beside the project thumbnail a testimonial from the client.


    ~ Ruth

  2. Hi Galal,

    Great plugin and really easy to setup. Is there a possibility of drag and drop when rearranging the order of the projects? I’m setting up my portfolio and numbering each and everyone in order of preference is a little time consuming.

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